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Residential property management.

Our services.

CAPERA's strengths: Regional expertise. Nationwide structures.

Your goals are our goals: Maintaining the value and increasing the yield of your residential property. If the tenants are also happy, everything is perfect. To ensure that this works, we rely on a strategy that is individually tailored to you. We guarantee you professional expertise with many years of experience in the management and letting of residential real estate. And above all, we guarantee you regional and local expertise. If you want to increase the returns for your investors, if you want to increase the value of the property, you need to know your way around. And directly on site. That’s what we do – with our nationwide structure of 12 locations. With short decision-making paths and personal contacts – for fast, time-saving processes.

Our services.

Commercial real estate management

General commercial management: Reduction in tenant fluctuation. Optimization of framework agreements and central purchasing of services.

Technical real estate management

Maintaining and increasing the value of your properties: Monitoring the structural condition, awarding contracts, carrying out tendering and monitoring.

Active receivables management

Execution of dunning runs, processing of installment payment agreements, coordination with lawyers and debt collection agencies via e-tenant file.

Quality management

Uniform care standards and uniform documented processes. Fixed response times. Ongoing internal auditing of all processes.

Facility Services

Management of external service providers in the areas of facility management and infrastructural building management. Carrying out tenders and awarding contracts. Controlling of services.

Contract management

Active contract management in rental and property matters. Direct online access to credit agencies for credit checks.

Rent increase / active rent development

Increase in net rents: Consideration of all relevant location factors and characteristics. Data-based market analysis.

Operating cost accounting and optimization

Billing in accordance with legal requirements and property-specific requirements. Identification of potential savings and operational implementation.


Own letting staff: development of portfolio-related concepts, target group-oriented marketing. Management of external brokers.


Regular reporting for maximum transparency according to individual requirements. Digital provision. Interface to client-side systems.

Accounting / Bookkeeping

Month-end closings accurate to the reporting date. Accounts receivable and accounts payable. Preparation of VAT reports and for tax consultants and BWAs.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

Much more than just CO2 reduction. We accompany you on the decarbonization path, increasing transparency and with certifications.

Renting with a system.

We provide clear facts for a strategy that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Because we know our way around on the ground, can assess local and regional markets and recognize developments much earlier than others. In six steps, we determine the optimum target rent at the location, from the sales speed to the recommendation for maximum letting success.


Screening the macro location

We define the generally applicable conditions for marketing a property. To this end, we analyze the framework data of the respective location, i.e. the conurbation.


Screening the micro-location

We clarify what needs to be considered when renting in the immediate vicinity of the property. In addition, we analyze the immediate surroundings and categorize the apartments according to their condition.


Target group analysis and demand measurement

We determine who is the appropriate target group for a rental (qualitative demarcation). To this end, we measure demand and define the expected response (quantitative determination).


Market and competition

We analyze the competitive situation in the market. It’s not just about supply, but also about marketing concepts, product design and price differentiation between competitors.



We design a marketable and competitive product for you – with a precise eye on the budgets you have defined. To this end, we design a tailor-made marketing strategy.


Controlling and reporting

We record all contacts for you, collect rejections and analyze the reasons for rejections. To this end, we evaluate the reasons why tenants have terminated their tenancy.

Do you have any questions? We answer them all.

Seyed Majd

Managing director/authorized signatory – business economist & real estate economist

The business economist and real estate economist is responsible for residential property management at CAPERA. He started his career in the real estate business in 2006, initially as an independent estate agent, before concentrating on administrative and management tasks shortly afterwards. He moved to CAPERA in 2013. Here he was initially site manager for Essen and NRW, before moving to the management in 2023.

Our branches: There for you nationwide.

Our structure with 12 locations throughout Germany makes it possible. We are there when you need us. Personally and above all: directly at your location. Whether it's an owners' meeting, an appointment with tradesmen or a regular property inspection. Your contacts show presence and proximity.

Since January 2016
Prager Carrée” property in Dresden
Units: 241 residential units, 16 commercial units and 320 underground parking spaces
Area: 23,937.02 m²
Services: Residential, commercial and condominium management, letting, technical property management
Address: Prager Straße 1-1d, Breslauer Straße 2-6 and Wiener Platz 11+12 in 01069 Dresden

Reference properties for investors in residential real estate.

No matter the size: with our 12 locations throughout Germany, we manage residential real estate for commercial and private investors. We offer comprehensive real estate management in direct contact with our customers. Here are some selected reference objects.

Are you interested in further references?

We will be happy to provide you with a detailed overview of our references on request. On request, we are happy to focus on your region – to suit your property or real estate portfolio.

Since October 2017
VIVO” property in Hamburg
Units: 167 residential units
Area: 3,165.88 m²
Services: Residential, commercial, WEG management and construction team
Address: Hannoversche Straße 88, 21073 Hamburg
Since June 2023
ERIF Drei Horizonte GmbH in Berlin
Units: 214 residential and 1 commercial unit
Area: 14,500 m²
Address: Mariendorfer Weg 48-55, 112051 Berlin

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